Data Destruction

Degaussing data is the process of erasing magnetic data stored on media such as a hard drive.

DELL Brand

Degaussing data is the process of erasing magnetic data stored on media such as a hard drive. The data is immediately erased when exposed to the powerful field in degaussing data destruction. Degaussers have a controlled magnetic field measured in units of gauss that is able to eliminate data in hard drives, diskettes, reels, and cartridge tapes.

The advantages of degaussing are that it eliminates data quickly, almost instantaneously, and the degaussed data cannot be recovered. Once degaussed a hard disk will be useless because it also destroys the disk's system area.

Proton T-1.5

The Proton T-1.5 Hard Drive Degausser is a drawer style degausser that permanently erases data from hard drives and various tape media. It has an effective magnetic field of 1.5 Tesla, making it capable of sanitizing the highest coercivity media available today and it will continue to keep pace as hard drive technology advances.

The T-1.5 helps organizations protect their sensitive information and stay in compliance with recognized data security standards and regulations. It is the ultimate guard against data loss, which can lead to costly data breaches.


  • Destruction of confidential and sensitive data in accordance with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).
  • Meets US Department of Defense (DoD) and Defense Security Services (DSS) requirements for sanitizing unclassified data.
  • Provides compliance under regulations such as HIPAA, PCI DSS, GLBA, FACTA, etc.
  • Internal software requires all parameters (capacitor voltage, switch, etc.) are present prior to the "Go" LED display. If any problem exists that will compromise degaussing, the "Go" LED will not display. This software guarantees that each degauss cycle delivers sufficient strength and consistent performance.
  • Will erase any magnetic media that fits into a drawer including all standard hard drives (laptop, desktop, and network) and storage tapes (DLT, LTO, DDS/DAT, etc.).
  • No adapters required; Maintenance free.
  • Optional deployment case with wheels is available.
  • Manufactured in the USA in ISO 9001 certified facilities.
  • CE Certified and ships with the CE Mark.

CBL Data Recovery offers degaussing services. Local customers can stop by and have their disk degaussed at any time during work hours. If you aren't able to stop by, you're welcome to mail in your disks to our lab and we will take care of the rest.

Contact us on 1-844-327-4500 or if you need more information.

Hard drive destruction

Wipe Hard Drives: Data destruction done right

The idea that physically destroying a hard disk renders data secure is a common fallacy in the business world. Yes, if you shred, drill through or crush a hard disk, an average person won’t get information from it. However, data forensics units or similar specialists can. In cases of industrial espionage the information is often valuable enough to be worth the effort. Because of that, organizations cannot simply reformat drives, physically destroy them and move on.

Hard disk degaussing provides a major edge over physical destruction alone in hard drive disposal. A degausser will disrupt the magnetic forces of a hard disk, rendering data impossible to capture and making the drive useless. Properly destroying a hard drive is a key process during office moves involving computing system decommissioning, and degaussers are often the best option. Organizations using degaussers can:

Professional Data Wiping

We use advanced Department of Defense compliant software to wipe your data clean, by erasing, purging, and overwriting the drives multiple times, making the old data irrecoverable.  Be advised that a drive must be functional in order to be “wiped”.  Non-functional drives that can not be wiped will automatically be physically destroyed and degaussed by Proton T-1.5 equipment that meets NIST, HIPPA and PCI Standards. It also meets DoD requirements for sanitizing unclassified government data as well as being a NATO listed device.

Certified Services 

We can offer a Certificate of Destruction that provides our full Guarantee of the requested services. This Certificate assures the customer of proper destruction of all Customer data, and of the legal and responsible disposition of all materials. The Certificate can be kept on file by the Customer and should be provided to any government agency inquiring about the proper disposal of these materials. “Recycling company” will work with any such government agency and provide documentation of the proper disposal of this equipment. Any of the following methods of data destruction can be offered as part of this certification.

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